How to Change Kitchen Countertops

A professional might be useful to replace your kitchen countertop, but all you really need is a little bit of muscle and legwork. Using a new countertop can significantly increase the look and elegance of your kitchen without having to make major changes to cabinets or appliances. You can also save money by removing your kitchen counter yourself. Come, let’s take a look at how the kitchen cabinet should be removed.

Kitchen countertops are usually attached to kitchen cabinets with a combination of adhesive and screws. But removing used kitchen countertops presents different challenges depending on the type of countertop. For example, it’s relatively easy to remove laminate countertops. However, some kitchen countertops such as granite use epoxy or construction adhesive. This removal process will therefore be more difficult and you may not be able to remove the countertops without damaging the cabinets.

Step by Step Installation

  • First, the plumbing connection must be disconnected. Detach the water and gas supply lines. If there is a water valve under the sink, if not, you should shut off the water coming to the whole house from the main valve.
  • You can remove the drainpipe and the p-holder from the sink using pliers. Place a bucket under the pipes to collect the water remaining in the pipe. Also, if you have a garbage disposal connected to the sink, don’t forget to unplug. Even if the lines are disconnected, you must be very careful when working in these areas. One of the lines might accidentally puncture and cause a leak, and you don’t want to create a mess.
  • To remove the sink from the kitchen counter, loosen the mounting screws and the caulk. You only need a screwdriver to loosen them. With the help of a razor blade knife, you can cut the adhesive around the sink from the countertop. Once you are finished removing the adhesive from the kitchen counter, you can push the sink from the bottom and lift it off the kitchen countertop.

Now can begin the process of dismantling your kitchen countertop
  • Most kitchen countertops usually consist of two parts: countertop and backsplash. The backsplash is mounted on both the wall and your countertop. The first step to remove the countertop is to disassemble the backsplash from the wall. Using a razor blade knife to cut the adhesive layer where the backsplash meets the wall, cut along the entire edge between the wall and the backsplash. There is probably a lot more silicone adhesive in the part where the backsplash meets the wall. So place a paint scraper between the backsplash and the wall and gently knock it down with your hammer several times. Do this by tapping gently across the wall until it starts to move away from the wall, just enough to remove a stubborn backsplash from the wall.
  • You also need to make sure you push the structural stud off the wall, so you can use a stud finder to locate the stud in the wall. Magnetic stud finder is a useful tool to find you exact location of screw on the wall. Usually, every wall has a stud about every 16 inches, once you find it, place it between the pry bar backsplash and the location where the wall stud is and push the backsplash off the wall.
  • Once all the backsplash attached to your kitchen countertop has been removed, you are ready to dismantle the kitchen countertop. Before disassembling, remove the cabinet drawers and remove the pots and tools inside. Remove everything from your closets as much as possible.
  • Use your screwdriver to loosen and remove each of the screws holding the bench down. As with the backsplash, your countertop is glued using silicone adhesives. You may need to gently hit the adhesive bond using your paint scraper and a hammer to break it. Place your paint scraper in the seam between cabinet and countertop and tap it lightly with a hammer.
  • You need to move your paint scraper forward about an inch to break the silicone adhesive. Place your pry rod between the cabinet and the countertop and apply gentle upward pressure. This way you can move the silicon adhesive between the countertop and the cabinet through the cabinet to break up, as a result of this help the more adhesive separates, the easier it is to lift the countertop and also it can be a little easier if you have a friend to help you pull the kitchen counter up.

After removing the old kitchen countertop, you are ready to install your new countertop. Before you start the new kitchen countertop installation, you need to make style decisions. You need to choose the options that best suit the material, color and edge style of the countertop you want, the style you want to use in your kitchen and your budget. You can seek advice from Sky Marble for this, and you can get free assistance to determine your best option. Furthermore, the materials and you may receive an offer for your project, including installation.

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