55+ Elegance Remodeling Kitchen Ideas in 2021

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Gray countertop with elegantly!

You can add gray kitchen countertops with a simple touch to your cabinets in light wood tones in your kitchen. By using the same granite backsplash as your countertop, you can make the room look more modern and create a harmonious two-tone weighted and simple space. The glass pendant chandeliers used above the gray kitchen island create an elegant touch in harmony with the remaining decoration.

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Is not wood and marble combination amazing?

In this modern kitchen, wood and marble make a great combination, and the pattern of the gray granite countertop and the texture of the cabinets complement each other. You can also create a large area for yourself to cook and eat with the granite wide island countertop. Modern black bar stools and the use of stylish lighting completed their task by blending the granite countertop with sparkling accents.

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Photo Credit: John + Mclean x Design

White quartz and gray accents beauty.

This highly polished waterfall countertop used white quartz with gray accents, this glossy finish stands out against the matte black cabinets. If you want to avoid creating a gloomy, dark space, you can combine your high-ceilinged kitchen with plenty of light with white to create a beautiful and modern environment. You can increase the charm of the room by adding metallic mosaic tile backsplash and the metallic modern chandeliers you use.

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Design By: M.S. Vicas Interiors

Multiple colored and textured contemporary kitchen.

Mixing colors in different shades adds an inviting feel to this contemporary kitchen. It allows you to combine multiple colors and textures in the kitchen with the light wood floor. It makes the blue wood-textured island the main focal point with the use of white countertops in all countertops. The black matte cabinets used on the wall side and the gray patterned backsplash attract the eyes to the harmony of all colors used.


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Photo Credit: Studio Snaidero DC Metro

Black and gray waterfall edge countertop!

Here is a stylish wood-paneled cooking and dining area with gorgeous black-and-gray waterfall countertop. The most striking part of the room is the black marble used in the kitchen island. The similar colors of the cabinets and the floor made the black color used in the kitchen stand out more. The dining area created with the waterfall kitchen counter and touches of silver add very elegant look to this room

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Harmonious look by white marble!

You can add a kitchen island to your open-plan L-shaped kitchen. Add some color and get a harmonious look by putting white marble countertops on your kitchen cabinets and your island. For the dining area, you can add a u-shaped island countertop, and you can get a comfortable and modern look with the marble countertop that you will use in the same color as the dark wood used on the floor. It’s up to you to give your kitchen a new look with new bar stools and chairs.

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Photo Credit: WellCraft Kitchens, Inc.

Sophisticated and simple kitchen elegance!

Less is more. Elegance reigns in this sophisticated and simple kitchen, where white is brighter than extra colorful decorations. Add some elegance to your white cooking space with a white-gray countertop as shown in this kitchen island. With stainless steel appliances and shiny silver details, you can get a bright wide area while redecorating your kitchen.

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Photo Credit: Everingham Design

Fancy shades of purple with black quartz!

Beyond the functionality of the kitchen, there are many ways to turn it into a more beautiful space with carefully designed. The use of black quartz countertops with such a fancy shades of purple, it gives you a great inspiration. With the use of gray backsplash that includes both colors and the use of elegant bronze accessories, you can emphasize the matte appearance of the countertop and turn it into a sophisticated kitchen.

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Photo Credit: Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

Warmty of wood meet the green!

When the high ceilings and the warmth of wood meet the green, you can bring the comfort of nature to your kitchen without staying away from nature. Accessories in the colors of nature, classic green cabinets and brown marble countertops provide you with a wonderful opportunity for both cooking and relaxing times in your kitchen. This classic kitchen, which you can get by renovating, will give you a warm and welcoming feeling.

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Photo Credit: Girard Homes

Chilled-Toned Kitchen Design!

Mixing different colors, although similar, brings an inviting spin to this contemporary kitchen. Blue cabinets, white countertop with undermount sink and gray countertop provide a spacious area by focusing on the elegant dining area created by the island counter. Simple details and silver brass accents warm the mostly chilled-toned room.

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Photo Credit: Jordan Design- Build Group

Create and effortless elegance!

Although it is still an open concept, you can create an effortless elegance with the change. You can make by providing your U-type kitchen with black matte painted cabinets and wooden lath in harmony with the floor wood color. Bar height counter, which is obtained by using white quartz countertop, becomes the most eye-catching place in the kitchen and creates a space for you to relieve the tiredness of the day by combining your kitchen and living area.

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Photo Credit: SV Design

Warm and harmonious!

In the middle of this unique kitchen, there is a white granite kitchen island and an undermount sink added to the end. The wood color used on the floor and the wooden countertop used for the sink are similar in tone. In addition, placing the sink facing the window creates a spacious and different usage area. Used as a white marble backsplash and touches of gold with light blue cabinets and accessories create a warm and harmonious living space.

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Design By Boca Kitchens & Baths

Make it look elegant!

The must-have furniture for your dream kitchen is a gray waterfall countertop. Especially if you have an open kitchen, your kitchen should give you both enough space to cook and a place to eat whenever you want. The element that gives us this in this kitchen is light gray marble countertop, adds a splash of color to the kitchen and makes it look elegant.

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Photo Credit: LBJ Construction, LP

Modern style in the kitchen.!

When redecorating your kitchen, you can add a cooking area to the island countertop, and with that you have a new cooking area with a gray island countertop that matches your U-shaped white cabinets. You can fit more energy into the room with the plants you add to the harmony of the two colors with gray flooring. Gold-colored details add a finishing touch to the modern style created in the kitchen.

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Photo Credit: Living Stone Design + Build

A warm and modern touch?

Do you have huge windows opening to nature? The rustic texture added by the wood used in addition to the white and gray colors of the kitchen cabinets provided a warm and modern touch. You can also color the environment with accessories used in bronze colors. In this rustic modern kitchen, you can achieve a great harmony with wood and marble in your remodeled kitchen.

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Photo Credit: Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Showroom by Riggs

A waterfall marble kitchen island idea!

Who wouldn’t want to have a bright kitchen with large windows? If you have a large kitchen with high ceilings, you can add a huge waterfall countertop in the middle, so you can have plenty of space for eating. White marble used with light wood also brings a natural richness and warmth. You can reveal more of your island counter with the pendant chandeliers you use.

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Photo Credit: Wilshire Cabinet + Co

Vibrant look kitchen ideas!

The crowning gem in this vibrant cooking space is the waterfall marble countertop counter with light wood cabinets. Same as the white marble backsplash used and also the kitchen island enhances the kitchen by providing more space for both cooking and entertainment. Marble countertops and natural wood tones give this kitchen a vibrant look.

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Photo Credit: Roughan Interior Design

Refresh your kitchen!

With details like this kitchen, subway tile backsplash, white cabinets and farmhouse sink, you can refresh your kitchen with a white marble countertop that will never go out of style. In addition to the colorful bar chairs you will add to your round kitchen island, you can get a modern kitchen by adding colorful accessories and chandeliers to your decoration.

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Phot Credit: Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Blue cabinets and stylish marble countertops!

In a traditional kitchen full of blue cabinets, black and white marble countertops add a rustic touch that feels more modern than before. The use of gray colors as a backsplash has added a contemporary feel to this cooking space. Therefore, coordinating the harmony of the blue cabinets and stylish marble countertops with each other and making the rest of the space quite harmonious is important for the change created.


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Photo Credit: G. M. Roth Design Remodeling, Inc.

The soapstone countertop with elegant chandeliers!

Transitional kitchens, like this gorgeous example meld traditional elements with modern features. The soapstone countertop used in this eye-catching kitchen is a magnificent detail. Your eat-in kitchen is fit for a fresh living space with elegant chandeliers that shine in the chic atmosphere of the cooking area and the long kitchen island added. A few paintings on your wall and fresh flowers on the counter always add life to the environment.

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Photo Credit: DLB Custom Home Design

Contemporary kitchen bold!

The best idea to use spectacular and vibrant colors in your kitchen is the always open kitchen concept. Sleek glossy red cabinets with beige granite kitchen countertops make this contemporary kitchen bold. The light-colored wooden cabinets that match the color with the kitchen countertop keep the appearance in shape and beautiful. In addition to the cooking area, another island creates a dining area for you and acts as a stylish bridge between your kitchen and living area.

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Photo Credit: Gallery Home Design, Inc.

Simple and elegant style of kitchen!

Flat-panel cabinets are compatible with the light wood used on the floor and draw all attention in the kitchen. The quartz waterfall countertops beautifully frame this modern kitchen island. Here’s a decor tip: Keeping the walls white keeps the cooking space from feeling dark or moody. The use of white bar stools and stainless-stell appliances makes the style of the kitchen simple and elegant.

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Photo Credit: kabi kitchen and bath cabinets

The harmony of the bright navy-blue!

Modernizes a kitchen like features like a two-color cabinet and, of course, countertops. The white backsplash and waterfall kitchen countertop used in the kitchen highlight the vibrant orange stools worn around them. The harmony of the bright navy-blue Nothing color on the cabinet doors with the colors used in the kitchen adds a modern touch to the kitchen and adds a pop of color.


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Photo Credit: Jute Interior Design

Take advantage of the blue-white combination!

The harmony of blue and white is emphasized in this modern kitchen with plenty of windows and light. The use of the stovetop on the white gray veined countertop highlights the contemporary kitchen with white cabinets under it. The used blue subway tile backsplash white classic cabinets and dark wood floor elements contrast with each other, but still feel completely harmonious with the entire decoration. You can take advantage of the blue-white combination for your kitchen that you will rearrange.

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Photo Credit: John Cook Kitchens

White kitchen with interesting texture and pattern!

This highly glossy finish stands out against the glossy black countertop, matte white cabinets. It gives this U-type eat-in white kitchen a totally contemporary feel thanks to its stylish simple cabinets and two-sided kitchen islands. Multicolored backsplash, dark brown wooden bar stools break the mostly white kitchen with interesting texture and pattern. Chandeliers made from the ceiling add a bit of fun to the lighting.

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PhotoCredit: Christine Sheldon Design

The modernized environment with an elegant touch!

Simple shaker white cabinets, white-gray subway tile give this kitchen an approachable and beautiful look. Added stylish gold handles, luxury stainless-steel appliances modernize the environment with an elegant touch. The gray veined white marble used on the light blue kitchen island contributes to the comfortable yet elegant atmosphere of this kitchen. By using gold-colored chandeliers that look both modern and rustic, you can add some brightness and warmth to the room by refreshing the kitchen with a modern farmhouse atmosphere.

Photo ID: MCM-2327
Photo Credit: Bare Root Design Studio

A lively and comfortable dream kitchen

It is quite possible to achieve a stylish kitchen change with the casual look created by white and blue. That’s why it was so important to keep the rest of the space fairly simple by coordinating the blue cabinets and sleek white countertops. The blue color of the cabin panel gives it a new and modern feel. A lively and comfortable dream kitchen has been created with the use of gold on the cabinet handles and the color of the faucet.

Photo ID: MCM-2328
Photo Credit: Seacliff Construction & Design

A contemporary and modern look kitchen.

A white-on-white kitchen accented by wooden floors and stylish wooden stools and decor elements offers us a fresh and clean look. The white quartz countertop used on the island counter creates a bar and dining area with plenty of space. Stainless steel appliances and accessories in gray-black colors that are compatible with the multicolor backsplash creates a contemporary and modern look.

Photo ID: MCM-2329
Photo Credit: Myrtle Beach Cabinets

Modern black cabinets and gray waterfall countertop!

The contrast creates a striking effect and makes its presence felt throughout the kitchen, in this large kitchen with high ceilings, created by  black & white. Especially modern black cabinets and gray waterfall countertop provide a large preparation and cooking area. With the use of marble white backsplash, can create a bright space in the environment and you can provide this in your kitchen with led lights on the ceiling.

Photo ID: MCM-2330

It’s all about white!

It’s all about white. Also, it’s all about marble. White modern-looking cabinets, and undermount sink positioned in front of the window. The long white marble waterfall U-Shape kitchen counter offers you a huge cooking area. .

Photo ID: MCM-2331
Photo Credit: Denise Morrison Interiors & House of Morrison

Black colors presented a remarkable and stylish appearance!

You can create a stylish, functional and beautiful kitchen by combining several different textures and several different colors. With light wood cabinets, it gives you the chance to add more color and texture as it is integrated with the floor. White gray veined marble is used both as a countertop and as a backsplash, and also black marble in the island countertop. Black colors presented a remarkable and stylish appearance in accessories and glass cabinets; a beautiful and elegant kitchen has been achieved with the finishing touch with light blue bar chairs.

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Photo Credit: PRM Custom Builders

The use of marble with gray veins on white.

Would you like to make a bar in a corner of your kitchen? We have come to you with a very stylish and luxurious looking example. Make a huge wine cellar with glass door. Also you can use the stylish stance of black and wood together. With marble backsplash, and you have a wide and stylish open space to display drinks with wooden shelves on it. The use of marble with gray veins on white, which is used as a backsplash, as a waterfall countertop and allowing you to sit, provides you a comfortable and luxurious corner.

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Photo Credit: Kitchens of Diablo

Who likes naturally elegant kitchen design?

You may think that having kitchen cabinets white is a boring choice. But it can sometimes be one of the smartest design decisions you can make. Not only will it make your kitchen feel airy and more spacious, but also can use white kitchen cabinets with almost any color combination and decor style. In this kitchen, brown tones were added to white and a naturally elegant kitchen was obtained. White marble was used on the countertops and a huge cooking and eat-in kitchen area was created.

Photo ID: MCM-2334
Photo Credit: Moose Tuchus LLC

The bright blue cupboards under the stairs.

A vibrant shade of blue can always help you to create a modern and lively kitchen. In this illuminated area, you can define your cupboard area with the subway tile you will use and create an area for cooking and eating with an island of the same length. It creates a stylish, modern kitchen in harmony with the gray-toned marble countertop. Also, the bright blue cupboards under the stairs makes this room colorful.

Photo ID: MCM-2335
Photo Credit: LT Home Designs, LLC

White on white!

Medium-sized U-shaped kitchen, white classic shaker cabinets are used, an elegant “white on white” appearance has been achieved with white subway tile backsplash. Modern gray chandeliers and stainless-steel appliances hanging from the wooden beam created the other color in the environment. However, the most enjoyable thing in the room is that you can sit in the sitting area on your marble island counter with the books in your library in the kitchen and relax.

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Photo Credit: Richard Drummond Davis Architects

A deluxe chandelier on a gray marble island!

Your home can have a very classic or traditional look. Or maybe you just wanted to have a traditional kitchen decoration. In the U-shaped kitchen, pale green cabinets were used on a dark wooden floor, and traditional and sharp lines were used in the cabinets and marble as a countertop. You can add a luxurious texture to the environment with a deluxe chandelier used on a gray marble island.


Photo ID: MCM-2337
Photo Credit: Zobel & Co. Kitchens

Modern French Country style kitchen.

Beautiful, handcrafted cabinets make this modern French Country style kitchen fabulous. In this two-tone kitchen, the gray backsplash matches the color of the kitchen island, and the gleaming white marble countertops create a brighter space. In the kitchen island, a more splendid appearance is achieved by using a thicker marble, blended with the colors of the room with the black and white chandeliers on it. After the change of the kitchen, a more comfortable room was obtained.

Photo ID: MCM-2338
Photo Credit: John Kraemer & Sons

Add a rustic touch!

The marble kitchen island countertop, which will create a huge area of use. With lighter elements in the cabinets and dark wood on the floor, the kitchen feels much more spacious. Add a rustic touch that feels more traditional than classic by using ceramic as a backsplash on the wall. The brown chairs added to the blue kitchen island are another stylish element that adds some warmth to this kitchen.

Photo ID: MCM-2339
Photo Credit: Studio K Architects

Feel more spacious!

The high ceiling in this open concept kitchen makes the space feel more spacious. The kitchen looks clean with this bright white and soft gray color. Although the gray thick quartzite countertop and backsplash used in the islands have the same and neutral colors but the kitchen does not look boring in any way. On the contrary, the building of the bar area on the staircase and also the filling of the space with living green plants add an elegant look to the kitchen.

Photo ID: MCM-2340
Photo Credit: Keystone Custom Homes

The winning combination of black and white

Here is an example of a sophisticated black and white kitchen. Black marble countertop with white cabinets in the cooking area; and white marble with black island countertop. The winning combination of black and white has always been achieved. A touch of elegance was made on the white subway tile backsplash on black marble, and the changes made created a peaceful and calm area suitable for spending the whole day.

Photo ID: MCM-2341
Photo Credit:  Boca Kitchens & Baths 

Colorful cabinet ideas

I guess you cannot get a more cheerful kitchen than this by mixing the colors with each other. The vibrant blue color of the kitchen cabinets creates a colorful contrast with the white waterfall marble countertops with a sleek, polished island. The dark wood table combined with the waterfall island kitchen counter has formed a whole with the colors used in the room and transformed into a warm and comfy living space. The geometric tiles used and white marble countertops combine casual and contemporary styles.

Photo ID: MCM-2342
Photo Credit: Savvy Kitchens

A stylish and cozy kitchen ideas!

This white kitchen has a totally contemporary feel thanks to its stylish cabinets and kitchen island. The use of white geometric patterned backsplash and black marble in L-type cabinets makes this room modern.  The white marble used in the gray kitchen island adds innovation to the mostly white area with interesting texture and pattern. And glass chandeliers used in lighting add a little fun touch. All in all, a stylish and cozy kitchen that feels brand new.

Photo ID: MCM-2343
Photo Credit: MMI Design

Beautiful and functional kitchen design.

Design option, providing plenty of room to use your creativity. With the kitchen island using white marble, it creates a new space for dining and resting. In this kitchen, a natural and light-well environment created by white and light wood is created, modern stools and colorful stylish accessories are easily adapted Updating your cooking and food preparation space with an island is both a beautiful and functional to other design features.

Photo ID: MCM-2344
Photo Credit: The ABL Group

Create a timeless luxury with the elegance!

Take a look at this kitchen to remodel the decor and features of your kitchen, which is the heart of your home. Create a timeless luxury with the elegant marble floor placed in the lead role of your kitchen and the dark color kitchen island countertop also white quartz countertop and the blue color used in the cabinets. But the details such as the golden washbasin, chandelier and cabinets handles used in harmony with the whole room and create elegance. The range hood used on the cooktop is integrated with the island counter color and completes the decor with a stylish modern look.

Photo ID: MCM-2345
Photo Credit: DLB Designs

The combination of white and dark brown!

Think quartzite is out of date? The countertops in this traditional kitchen prove otherwise. Light wood floor is used on the floor and the traditional carved wooden cabinets inspired by the combination of white and dark brown. Clean lines used throughout the room brought this kitchen together for an elegant living space. The created elegance has been carried to the next level with the white marbles used.

Photo ID: MCM-2347
Photo Credit: Fireclay Tile

A pleasant environment with its shine!

Need some inspiration for a brightly colored kitchen? This yellow kitchen promises you a pleasant environment with its shine. In this case, your biggest assistant is “white”. The white marble countertop used with ceramic white backsplash serves as a key for yellow cabinet use. The gold color of the details and the light natural wood color used in the accessories contribute to the vibrant aesthetics of the room.

Photo ID: MCM-2348
Photo Credit: Studio Dearborn

A contemporary look has been achieved?

A great example of modernizing the classic look. Very stylish innovations were used in the large kitchen, which receives light all day and opens to nature. A warm historic gray / beige color was chosen as the cabinet color, contrasting with the large modern oak cabinetry on the wall. From dining to storage to comfortable seating, the island await you for much more these days. A contemporary look has been achieved by using marble on the countertops with stylish chairs and minimalist accessory selections.

Photo ID: MCM-2349
Photo Credit: BRNS Design

Sophisticated pieces in contras!

The green and blue cabinetry adds to the old-time kitchen feel. Although the colors evoke this feeling, it’s a spacious, fairly modern open kitchen with plenty of storage space. The blue kitchen island and brown bar stools are sophisticated pieces that contrast with the dark wood flooring. It fills the space harmoniously with each other with the use of white stone countertops.

Photo ID: MCM-2350
Photo Credit: EAG Studio

Get a plain look by adding less color!

If you want to change your kitchen to white, you can get a plain look by adding less color, your biggest help for this is to use a white marble with gray veins as a countertop. The right lighting under the cabinet and same patterned backsplash  adds a soft look to your kitchen. Using light wood and gold color accessories in decoration can provide a modern change in your kitchen where you can have a very pleasant time.

Photo ID: MCM-2351
Photo Credit: Kinsella Kitchens & Baths

Perfect colors for a sea-inspired kitchen!

While you have an open kitchen that opens to the sitting area, you can use both areas in similar color shades. White and blue are in this case the perfect colors for a sea-inspired kitchen. You can use your kitchen cabinets mainly in white, and you can separate the dining area and the preparation area with two contrasting island countertops. With the ceramic backsplash used, you can get a modern room that reminds you of the sea while redecorating your kitchen.

Photo ID: MCM-2352
Photo Credit: A-Line Designs, LLC

Stylish touch by geometric pattern mirror backsplash!

A very original and elegant kitchen example. If you have a similar open area, instead of shrinking your kitchen with a wall, you can add it to your living area with seated home bar design. In this kitchen, where gray and cold tones are dominant with lighting, black granite countertop used to keep the kitchen away from being boring. With the geometric pattern mirror backsplash, the depth is increased and a stylish touch is made.

Photo ID: MCM-2353
Photo Credit: Kitchen Design Partners, Inc.

Use of color and decoration.

While the paneled wood gives a more traditional look in general, a contemporary touch is realized with the use of color and decoration in this kitchen. Storage space is maximized with these L-type traditional raised-panel white cabinets, keeping stylish with a few glass cabinet doors. You can increase the space you use with the dark kitchen island you add, enhance the aesthetics of the room.

Photo ID: MCM-2354
Photo Credit: Wood Wise Design & Remodeling

A traditional elegance with two kitchen islands!

You can create a traditional elegance with two kitchen islands in a large kitchen with high ceilings and plenty of light. Separate areas have been created for the cooking area, eating and preparation area. Also, the combination of timeless white classic cabinets with white granite countertops looks stunning. You have to admit, favorite feature in this kitchen is the granite countertop. Another element that makes this kitchen stylish is the wooden floor.

Photo ID: MCM-2355
Photo Credit: Arielle Mizrahi Design

The gray and white theme continues in the entire kitchen!

White marble countertops, a huge kitchen island and elegant glass pendant lamps take the main scene in this modern kitchen. The gray and white theme continues in the entire kitchen, with gray colored cabinets and a modern glossy white backsplash behind the oven. In addition, decorative items in gold complement the stylish color scheme. The use of green plants makes a charming contribution to the decoration.

White Granite Countertops with Different Type of Kitchen Style

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