How to Measure for Granite Countertops

One of the most used and perhaps the most time-consuming areas of the house is the kitchen. The kitchen is important for all your family members and also it brings everyone together at your crowded tables. Kitchen countertops should be in harmony with the general design of the kitchen, cabinets, wall color and other furniture belonging to the kitchen. However, with the granite countertop you choose, you can make the style you want in your kitchen with making the most accurate measurement for your granite countertop.

Kitchen counters should not only look good, but they should also be useful and most importantly, they should be accurately measured and provide you with the most appropriate and spacious area. Also, the material you choose is nothing without an idea, and a good idea can turn into a good work only when it finds the material it deserves. The first important step to make your kitchen look beautiful and make the most useful plan is to measure the granite countertops accurately.

Although granite kitchen countertop measurement is actually a simple process, it may still contain technical points that require attention. That’s why we told you step by step how to properly measure your granite kitchen countertop:

  • First, the tools we need for measurements are a meter, a pen or pencil, a paper and a phone.
  • After you get the necessary materials, you first take a picture of your kitchen with our phone, which includes a full countertop view. In this way, we get an overall view of your kitchen.
  • In the next step, we start drawing our kitchen with rough lines. The lines don’t have to be straight or anything else, the most important thing is the drawing of the shapes to show the overall look of the kitchen.
  • After drawing the general view of the kitchen, we will determine the location of the sink and mark it on the drawing. Also mark the location of your cooktop and refrigerator. If you have an island counter in your kitchen, you can mark it by drawing in the center.

Now can begin the process of mEASUREMET your kitchen countertop
  • In the next step, we start measuring our kitchen and make sure you measure in inches. All we have to do is measure the width and length from the front of the counter without measuring any wall sides of the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets generally have a width of 24 inches according to the standard size and with a 1.5-inch granite overhang, the size is 25.5 inches. After measuring your first piece own measurements anyway, write the values on the same location on the paper for the measured pieces.
  • You should note the same measurement on the paper, because even the slightest change in inches affects size and matters. Then you can measure individual length of the front side of the granite countertop. And you get that dimensions back to your paper again, you write it down is exact the same location what shows on the picture.
  • All dimensions are specific for each edge detail and you will get the exact shape of your kitchen with the measurements you take. And also, if you have a full hot backsplash in your kitchen that backsplash shows a inch and a half shorter on the countertop to setting the material and the thickness of the stone is that point.
  • After that if you have one, you can measure the length and width of your island, you can write it down on paper and then you can tell us what your overhang will be if you need any kind of overhang on your island.
  • If you have a waterfall, you can explain it in your kitchen scratch drawing. You don’t need to measure the height of the waterfall because it is a standard dimension. But you have to let us know how many inches overhang you need on your island. You can have ten or maximum 12 inches overhang without any support and that point is you must put an arrow mark on your drawing. It shows exactly where is your overhang is going to be and with this measurement complete your kitchen scratch drawing. You also take a photo of our kitchen scratch drawing with our phone.

We now have a photo of the view of your kitchen and a photo of kitchen scratch drawing that includes the counter areas and dimensions in our kitchen. So the next step after you have your two kitchen photos, you can contact us at 5719268085 or by e-mail and one of our sales executives will be in touch with you.

You can do a free consult from us; we will talk to you about your goals and needs that you want to have with your kitchen. If you have a particular stone in mind or if you have a curved counter in your kitchen or want to create a countertop that will bring innovations to your kitchen, we can talk. You can also do this counseling at the beginning stage. We can also offer you suitable plans according to the price ranges you have planned.

Contact us today to start designing your desired kitchen counter without waiting any longer.

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The staff here are so knowledgable and the service and workmanship is top notch!! Outstanding!

Super pleased! They were able to get us a quote and complete the work very quickly. It looks great and their install team was fantastic. Highly recommend.

Absolutely love the finished product of my countertops! I live in a condo and wanted to update the countertops in the kitchen to have a more efficient space. Dawn explained all the options and helped through the entire process. Each staff member I came in contact with was exceptional! I absolutely love my kitchen and I receive compliments all the time. Highly recommend Sky Marble and Granite.

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