5 Reasons for Choosing Granite Countertops Fairfax, VA

Granite countertops are a staple in nearly every household in the United States. This rise in popularity has led to people purchasing and adding beautiful granite countertops to their homes. Fairfax, VA, is no different, as this city in North Virginia takes pride in the wide range of granite countertop options that are available.

However, buying granite countertops can be quite a challenge. But before we move on to the benefits of the granite countertop colors and how you can choose the best granite countertop, let’s take a look at Fairfax, VA.

Fairfax, Virginia

Officially named the city of Fairfax, the residents of this densely-populated city often call this city Downtown Fairfax. Founded in 1805, the Fairfax was named after the 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron who owned the land at the time. Lord Fairfax was awarded 20,000 km2 of land in Northern Virginia, including the city of Fairfax, by then King Charles.

The first to settle in the city were farmers in the 18th century who gave it the name of Providence which became official through an act of state legislature in 1805. That said, the city of Fairfax is more famous for its involvement in the first civil war, as it became the first battleground for the civil war.

Titled the battle of Fairfax Court House, neither side gained an advantage over the other. However, another battle in 1863 came out in the favor of the rebels.

Before the start of the civil war, the city of Providence soon changed its name to Fairfax in 1859. In 1874, it was incorporated as a proper town, and later as a city as a result of a court order in 1961.

Why Choose Granite Countertops Fairfax VA?

Ask any interior designer about the type of countertops that you should get for your house, and the first answer that most of them will give you is that you should invest in a granite countertop. Granite countertops are a common choice among people when it comes to countertops.

Here are the five reasons why.

1- Aesthetically Pleasing

Granite countertops simply look stunning and can fit in almost every setting. Regardless of the setting that you have in your house, there is always a granite color that will go well with your decor.

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2-Increases the Value Of a Home

Not only does a house look good with granite countertops, but its resale value also increases dramatically. This is why they are the best option to go for when renovating.

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3-Easy Maintenance

Granite countertops are one of the easiest countertops to maintain. It does not burn or get stained easily, and even if the countertop is stained over the period of use, cleaning it is incredibly easy.

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To say that granite countertops are durable would be an under-statement. Most consumers say that a granite countertop, can last for more than 20 years, even after rigorous use. Moreover, under normal conditions, a granite countertop doesn’t burn or chip easily.

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5-An Overall Good Investment

With all of the previous points in mind, it is easy to conclude that granite countertops are an overall good investment and one of the best options to go for. Not only is it long-lasting and durable, it is also incredibly beautiful and adds to the overall value of your house.

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While granite countertops are always a good option to go for, the real challenge is choosing the right color for your countertop. Please visit our Stone Colors page for color ideas.