Perfect Countertop Choices for Your Luxurious Home

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Choosing the right, nice kitchen countertops can be tricky and maybe expensive. Before starting to make a big update, check out what Luxcess Home did for their customers or read What Stone is the Best Choice for Me? It may help you select the right one for your space. 

There are numerous types of countertops available in the market. All of these countertops have different qualities that make them unique. One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying quartz countertops is that they often make the wrong choice when buying these countertops. You should keep in mind that not all countertops would go well with the theme of your kitchen or your bathroom. You should consider many things before buying a countertop for your luxurious home.

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Most people do not know this, but countertops can have a considerable affect anywhere you install them. Therefore, you should be patient whenever you go out to buy them. Your cooking proclivities and your sense of style are a couple of things you should consider before buying countertops. Mentioned below is a guide that will help you decide which countertop would best suit your needs.

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Granite countertops are among the most commonly used countertops you will find. One of the biggest things that make granite countertops so high in demand is their durability and resistance to scratches. Granite comprises of natural materials, which is another major advantage.

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Granite countertops are not expensive when you compare them to other countertops. Additionally, the range of colors and designs in granite countertops is minimal. If you are looking for funky designs and fancy colors, going for granite countertops would not be a good idea.

However, the limited range of designs and colors go exceptionally well with almost all pairings which makes granite countertops a good option for your luxurious home.

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If you are looking to add a gleaming and polished look to your house, marble countertops are a great idea. One of the best things about marble countertops is the fact that they offer great flexibility as they can easily go along with almost every décor.

Keep in mind that marble countertops require a lot of maintenance as they can stain and chip easily. You should keep your cooking style in mind before going for marble countertops.

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Contrary to popular belief, these countertops are not mined. Quartz countertops are carefully engineered in factories. This engineered stone has a significant advantage over other countertop materials.

One of the most significant advantages it has is the fact that it is extremely low maintenance and durable. It is stain resistant and non-porous which makes it ideal for use in kitchens. You can easily clean stains by using warm water, a towel, and a dry cloth. Quartz countertops have excellent value because of their stylish looks and durability.

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Although quartz countertops are an excellent option for anyone, they do have a few cons. First, you will require professional help if these countertops get scratches and chips, which is extremely rare. Secondly, you have to avoid putting extremely hot objects directly over these countertops. Doing so can cause discoloration. You can prevent discoloration by placing a towel or a tray below the hot object.

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