Best Kitchen Faucets in 2019

Best Kitchen Faucets in 2019

Even if we all look for new pretty solutions when renovating, renting or buying a new house, this is often not enough: we want durability, beauty and practicality inside our dreamy space.

Whether you are looking for modern high-tech faucet style for your home, or for a more practical and easier to use gadget, I am pretty sure this guide will help you to make the right decision when buying the new appliances for your space.

1- Types of Faucets

Let’s start with the basics: Deck Mount and Wall mount faucet. The difference? The deck mount faucet is attached to the countertop or to the sink, while the wall mount faucet is attached to the wall. Both styles look amazing: we leave this decision to you! If you are starting from scratch, it is important that you choose the faucet before the sink, so that way you can buy a sink with the right number of holes for your faucet selection.

Stainless Steel Pull Down Faucet Ideas

Pull Down Faucet

I bet you have seen this faucet more than a hundred times in modern kitchens, right? Intelligently enough, since it presents great advantages! Amazing for big sinks, this style of faucet has great accessibility in small spaces and prevent splashes.

Pull Out Faucets

Pull Out Faucet

The detachable handle makes every task easier. A great choice for small sinks; this faucet is very practical, easy to clean and to use.

Motionsense Faucet Ideas

Motionsense Faucet

This beautiful style of faucet is the biggest on the market right now. Free hands faucet will be an amazing addition to your space, specially if you find yourself in trouble or with dirty hands.

Double Hand Faucet

Did I hear hot and cold-water stream? A great asset to your space.
Easy to install and you don’t have to wait for the water to adjust temperatures.

Single Hand Faucets

Single Hand Faucet

This faucet is common to a lot of homes all over the world, due to its easy installation, appropriate price and how easy it is to use. We promise you will love it!

2- Style x functionality

As mentioned before, many things inside your home will be there just to make it pretty, but faucets are not among those.
Buying responsible means using your abilities to choose something that fits your space and that would do wonders for your everyday tasks.
In the market, you will find different brands with a million of possibilities and styles of gorgeous faucets: some brands even allow you to personalize your faucet to match the style of your ambient. Check them out to make your life easier once you’re ready to buy!

Best Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Calcatta Quartz Countertop with single handle kitchen faucets

Design By CWB Architects 

3- Finishes and features

Choosing finishes is another very important step in design. A technique that always works is to look at the color of your cabinet hardware. Let’s say it is brass, well, then brass finish faucet will be! As eclectic kitchens are a trend now, you can definitely decide to mix and match! Matte, brass, stainless steel, chrome and so many more materials are available and just waiting for you!

3.1- Features

Filters are a great option if you want to filter tap water, but as everything come with maintenance, be conscious and check first if this is the best option for your wallet.

Hot Water dispensers are also an amazing option that will save you loads of time whenever you need to use warm water.

Motion sense: The power of a hands-free faucet! Your faucets won’t need to be cleaned constantly from handprints, dust and dirt.

LED light: Some models come with LED light that indicates the water temperature.

Ready sensor: place an object below the spout and have the incredible surprise of the activation of water flow. Better yet, pass your hand over the wave sensor to have a constant stream of water.

Complete sink access: 360º swivel for a better use. Nothing has ever felt more practical!

Double sprayer functions: Delicate stream for everyday tasks or strong stream for heavy tasks. This faucet has it all, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

White Kitchen with Gold Faucet

Design By Craig Veenker

4- Installation

If you are an expert, you know the drill! But if you are fairly new, here is a little step to step guide on how to install your new faucet:

How to replace an old faucet:

    1. Make sure you turn off the water valves under the sink (rookie mistake!). To relieve the pressure on the lines, turn on the faucet.
    2. Take a picture of the configuration of the plumbing before doing anything else, in case you forget.
    3. Before disconnecting the lines, make sure to place a bucket under it so it the water that might fall won’t spread all over the place.
    4. Ask someone to hold the faucet from above while you use a basin wrench to lose and remove the nuts that holds the faucet.
    5. Remove the faucet and clean the sealant from the surface.

Installing a new faucet:

    1. Place the gasket or the trim ring over the faucet holes and place the deck plate.
    2. Add faucet lines into the holes
    3. Install the washers and nuts underneath the sink. In case you have used caulk or plumbers’ putty for the gasket, make sure to wipe off the excess underneath the sink.
    4. In case you used a pull-down faucet, attach the hose to the supply pipe. Pull down the hose and attach the weight.
    5. Connect the water supply lines (use plumber’s tape). Don’t overtight the line connections.
    6. Slowly turn the water on and check if there are leaks.
    7. Next step is removing the aerator from the faucet, slowly turn on the water and let it run. Double check for leaks.
    8. Turn off the faucet and replace the aerator.

You can DIY the installation, but we strongly recommend a plumber if you’re doing it for the first time, so that you will avoid failures and mistakes that would end up costing you more than expected.

Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet in Chrome

Design By Tim Clarke Design 

5- Cleaning Your Faucet

Cleaning your kitchen faucet is not the most difficult task, and trust me, a beautiful and clean shiny (or matte!) sink faucet can make your kitchen look flawless effortlessly.

5.1 Scrubbing: Big Mistake!  Before anything else, you will need to find out the material of your faucet! If you have a faucet with a matte finish, scrubbing could be the worst mistake you will ever make, as it will ruin the material for good. Check with your manufactures the finish of your product and the best ways to clean it up!

5.2 Warm water and some soap clean everything, right?  With a cloth, gently rub the faucet with the dish soap and dry it with an unused cloth.

5.2 Removing Stains: A small amount of baking soda, a toothbrush and a bit of water will do the job perfectly!

Two-Handle Bridge Kitchen Faucet with Matching Spray, Chrome

Design By Cheryl Scrymgeour Designs 

6- Cost

Another important factor to be considered: how much it will cost. As with everything else, it all depends on the material, brand and finishes of the item. Pricey doesn’t always mean better quality, as cheap doesn’t mean it will break on day two. The price of the installation should also be an important factor in your decision. It can range from around $100 to $200. If you need to remove an old faucet and install a new one the price range will be a bit higher: between $200 to $300.
Be reasonable – and don’t be scared to spend a bit more for quality-, I’m sure you will have a beautiful design.

Bronze Single-Handle Standard Kitchen Faucet with Side Sprayer

Design By Wood Specialties, Inc. 

7- Choosing your supplier

Most people claim they have had many issues when purchasing faucets from big companies. As said before, a wise choice can determine the livability of your product.

When purchasing from plumbing houses, the customer support could make a big difference in case you have any issues with your product, and avoid days, or months of stress while waiting for an answer.

Cost-benefit is also something else to consider when making this choice, as the products might be a bit pricey in local business.

Kitchen Faucets – A list of the top 5 best faucets on the market in 2019

Delta Faucet Leland – Single Hand Touch

Delta Faucet Leland – Single Hand Touch ($248.99)

Incredible design and features.
Touch anywhere with your wrist or forearm to start or stop the water flow.
Easy to install: Fits single hole or 3-hole, 8-in. configurations.

Kraus KPF 1650SS Modern

Kraus KPF 1650SS Modern ($198.95)

A beautiful addition to your space bringing design and practicality.
Lead-free all-metal construction
Easy-clean rubber nozzles prevent hard water build up.High performance.

Motionsense Faucet Ideas

Moen 7594ESRS Motionsense ($388.50)

Spot Resistant: Stainless finish resist fingerprints and water spots for a cleaner looking kitchen.
Two Sensors: Motionsense – Delivers hand free touchless convenience with double sensors.

Delta Faucet Windemere 2 Handle

Delta Faucet Windemere 2 Handle ($114.99)

Durability: Metal construction provides strength and durability.
Flexibility: The arc design swivels 360 degrees.

American Standard Colony

American Standard Colony ($99.00)

Amazing and cost efficient.
Pull down spray with adjustable spray pattern pause feature.
Metal lever handle.


After having read this article, you can definitely consider yourself a Kitchen faucet specialist. Go ahead, do your research and start designing your dream home. Good luck!