Fantasy Brown Soft Quartzite

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Fantasy Brown Soft Quartzite Natural Beauty

It’s hard to find a more versatile, eye-catching stone than Fantasy Brown Soft Quartzite! This natural stone is a popular choice for those who love the veining of marble but are looking for something a bit more durable.Beautiful, dynamic swirls of varying shades of gray and brown on a light background yield a luxurious, attractive pattern that is unique to each slab. This is a great stone for your kitchen—but it can work well as a bathroom countertop, too, or for other creative projects.Here, Fantasy Brown Quartzite makes a stunning, high-quality bar—an unbeatable gathering space for friends and family that promises to make nights in just as memorable as nights out.

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Photo Credit | Sky Marble and Granite

Dark Brown Cabinet With Natural Stone Countertop

A sleek custom bar is an impressive addition to any entertaining space.In this design, dark brown cabinets finished with crown molding provide plenty of storage and look quite elegant topped with Fantasy Brown Quartzite, and three large pendant lights in brushed bronze add character while illuminating the space. The recessed back counter includes two mirrored countertop shelving units that provide a visually-pleasing display space for bottles and glasses, while the ample central space between the shelves features two flat-screen TVs to make this a sports lover’s paradise (or provide any number of other entertainment options).The tile backsplash adds a pop of texture, and the varied shades of brown, tan, and ivory tiles tie in perfectly with the natural veined color palette of the quartzite. The quartzite kitchen countertops itself is the star of the show, and this gorgeous natural stone is sure to grab and hold the attention of anyone who enters.It makes an especially beautiful choice for the long two-tiered island that serves as both seating area and extra work space.

Photo Credit | Sky Marble and Granite

Functional Space

Designed to be both a fun and functional entertaining space, the two-tiered island at the center of this layout provides seating for four and additional work area.The inclusion of a sink facilitates easy preparation and cleanup, while its location on the island rather than the back counter ensures that the host or hostess can attend to any necessary preparations while still being fully a part of the conversation.The beautiful, flowing pattern of the Fantasy Brown Quartzite really shines underneath the bright, classy pendant lighting.Four comfortable, high-backed barstools seem to saythat this is a place to sit and stay awhile.The gray upholstery ties in well with the gray paneling on the walls and as well as the gray tones of the quartzite.By combining unbeatable comfort with top quality finishes, it’s easy to see how a space like this could become your new favorite bar—all you need is an underused room or even a corner of a room, a few cabinets, striking countertops, and a little help from professionals like SKY Marble and Granite to make your dream entertainment space a reality.

Photo Credit | Sky Marble and Granite

Bar Design

This particular bar design maximizes space and service area with the addition of a pass-thorough opening in the wall that extends the entertainment area and creates additional seating—an innovative feature that really makes this design top notch.Though somewhat separated from the rest of the room, this area is seamlessly incorporated through the use of the same Fantasy Brown Quartzite.The gorgeous stone extends past the opening on either side of the wall and even includes a backsplash for a more finished, stylish look.Chic metal bar stools provide four additional seats without crowding—in fact, there’s room for more! A room like this beautifully showcases what just the right stone and a little creativity can do. Is there a room or area of your house that has similar potential? If you’re inspired by this design, or if you’re looking for equally innovative and attractive design ideas for your kitchen or bathroom, SKY Marble and Granite in Sterling, VA can aide you in turning your ideas into reality by customizing your space—including helping you select your perfect stone.