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Who wouldn’t feel at home in this beautiful eat-in kitchen? The open layout, classy white cabinets, and the sunshine streaming through the window combine to form a kitchen that’s functional and welcoming—the kind where you can easily imagine the delightful odors of fresh herbs and fragrant spices mingling with the laughter and chatter of friends and family.A closer look of quartz countertops reveals a number of design ideas that might be useful if you’re looking to create a similar ambiance in your own home.

Photo Credit | Sky Marble and Granite

Elegant Kitchen Design Ideas

This design takes advantage of natural sunlight by pairing a large window with a light color scheme that makes the space bright and airy.No detail has been overlooked, as evidenced by the glass hexagon backsplash that serves as an accent.The interlocking glass tiles create a lovely pattern of varying neutral tones that gives just the right amount of energy to the space. The cabinets are equally as tasteful, finished with an elegant crown molding.The gray cabinet island with white cabinets creates a stylish two-tone look and adds a splash of contrast, and the spacious island includes both an impressive cooktop and a bar—adding more seating and extra workspace.

Quarzt Countertops for Large Work Surface

Of course, the countertop is an essential part of any kitchen, but it’s especially important to choose the right one in a design that includes such a large work surface. The kitchen countertop has to look good—after all, it’s the element that ties the rest of the design together—but it also needs to be a functional surface that can handle the tomato sauce or red wine spill, whatever might be on the kids’ sticky fingers, and the wear and tear of everyday use. A quartz kitchen countertop, like this one, doesn’t have to sacrifice its looks to be practical. This luxurious white quartz countertop with delicate, swirling gray veins ties the color palette together and glitters in the sun—but it’s also a durable workspace.

Calacatta Verona Quartz Color is Adorable

The engineered stone used here is a Calacatta Verona Quartz, one of many choices that Sky Marble offers as part of our extensive quartz selection. Calacatta Verona Quartz has all the classic beauty of marble, doesn’t require ongoing maintenance, and can stand up to many, many years of family dinners or cocktail parties. And it’s an excellent choice for this kitchen’s color scheme, maximizing the natural lighting and seamlessly uniting the gray of the island and the white of the other cabinets. Altogether, this contemporary kitchen style strikes the perfect balance between elegance and warmth.At Sky Marble in Sterling, VA, we can help you find just the right look to make your kitchen ideas for make your new build or renovation project a similar success.