Top 10 Amazing Granite Countertops Herndon VA

Granite countertops are one of the most famous and popular additions to any kitchen in Herndon VA. Granite countertops are so famous that, in fact, they have become a staple in nearly every household in the United States. With this immense popularity comes more variety in both colors and textures. Due to the immense popularity that surrounds these granite countertops, there are various sellers on the market. If you are looking to replace your current granite countertop or are planning on getting a new one, here are some of the best granite countertops Herndon VA:

1-Azul Platino

Azul Platino is a somewhat dark mix of both white and gray with a very bland texture. While the texture is not very special, the color combination fits well with most kitchen and bathrooms settings.

Photo Credit | RJK Construction, INC

2-African Rainbow

The African Rainbow is a very vibrant granite slab that combines colors, such as beige, gray and brown. This natural slab can be found in Nambia, and has a texture with all of the previous colors intertwining each other. Not only does this granite slab go perfectly with interiors, such as bathrooms and kitchens, but it also goes well with exteriors, such as a fireplace or any other outdoor space. Thanks to the color of the slab it does not pick up dust quickly and stays rather clean.

Photo Credit | ISD Kitchen and Bath Renovations

3-Luna Pearl

Luna Pearl granite is a strange yet beautiful variation of grey mixed with white and black spots that give it its very diverse and vivid look. Thanks to the color combination that the slab has, it fits well with kitchens and other interior spaces. The slab originated from Spain and comes in a polished finish, further improving the look of this granite slab.

Photo Credit | unKnown

4-New Venetian Gold

Ironically enough, the New Venetian Gold has no gold in it. However, do not let that discourage you from getting this beautiful granite slab. With its combination of black, cream, and gray all mixed in a variation of brown, the slab cements itself as one of the best colors for any setting. This color is from China and comes with a proper polished finish, further improving the quality and the look of the slab.

Photo Credit | unKnown

5-Sapphire Blue

The Sapphire Blue granite slab mixes both blue and brown colors to make a unique and mesmerizing blend. Thanks to the dark color of the slab it works well with most light colors and is especially good for interiors. This particular granite slab comes in a polished finish and is a color commonly found in China.

Photo Credit | Beazer Homes, MD

6-Verde Butterfly

The Verde Butterfly granite slab contains a mix of brown, black, and gray, all of which make for a very dark color that goes well with a variety of different light colored settings. Since it is a dark color, the Verde Butterfly goes well with interiors, but can also go well with exteriors. This particular color is from Brazil and also comes in a polished finish.

Photo Credit | Debra Campbell Design

7-Giallo Napoli

The Giallo Napoli is a granite slab that contains a darker shade of gold with black veins coursing through the slab. This creates a very light colored granite slab, which contrasts beautifully with darker settings.

Photo Credit | Cabinet Artistry


Astoria is a granite slab that is very unique, as it has a very bright cream background along with dark colored veins making up a rainbow-like texture. It is neither very bright nor very dark and is the perfect color for any setting.

Photo Credit | MS International

9-New Caledonia

The New Caledonia stone leans a little more to the dark side with the help of its grey base while the black and beige veins give the slab its texture. Although the slab is dark, thanks to the color, the slab goes well with even dark settings.

Photo Credit | Paul Moon Design

10-Rosa Portino

Rosa Portino is a unique color for a slab as it combines both pink and black colors to make a bright yet dull granite slab. Thanks to the somewhat dull color of the slab, it goes quite well with both dark interiors and bright interiors.

Photo Credit | County Stone