White Ice Granite

Granite countertops have become somewhat of a staple in an average household. Regardless of the house you go to, you will surely see a granite countertop somewhere. With so many different types of granite countertops on the market, possibly the most popular of them all is the white ice granite.

So, if you plan on getting a granite countertop for your kitchen, this might be the color for you. In this guide you will find everything you need to know about the white ice granite countertop.

The Color and Texture

White ice granite is one of the most famous and loved granite countertops in the country, and for good reason. Not only does it have a color that is the perfect mix of light and dark, bleak and joyous, but it can also possibly fit any and all settings in a kitchen or other surroundings.

The color of the granite slab is obviously white, with small deposits of grey stretching across. If seen from afar, you can also see the subtle blue hues in the granite, which give it the name and the distinct look. The texture varies greatly depending on where you happen to buy your granite from, but the color will stay the same.

Some white ice granite countertops have immense amounts of detail instilled within them, with some having blue veins instead of grey or a mix of both colors.


Thanks to the incredibly diverse and versatile color of white ice granite countertops, they fit perfectly into a variety of different settings ranging from dark all the way to light and bright. While it is possible for the white ice granite to look good with a contrasting brown or grey, it still looks best with either a white or very light shades of certain colors.

Colors such as white or a lighter shade of brown are also very good options that tend to look good with the white ice granite.


In many circumstances, the cost is always the deciding factor that determines whether or not people will go for their choice of granite or not. If they feel like the price is too high, people will either make a compromise, or will leave the option entirely. Unfortunately, this is also the case for the white ice granite.

The white ice granite, along with being simply gorgeous and diverse with a variety of different colors, it is often in very limited supply. This means that depending on the place where you buy it from, it is somewhere between $60 and $80 per square feet, for a 3 cm thick slab of white ice granite.


White ice granite is possibly the best granite for anyone to own in their house. Not only is it very good looking and incredibly versatile, but it is also quite durable. Sure it may be expensive, but its benefits and advantages speak for themselves. In conclusion, white ice granite is a great choice of granite that will fit the requirements of everyone.